Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Art 2 Final Portfolio

1. This project was my most successful because I was able to use pencil (which I am more comfortable with) to create a nicely detailed picture. The theme for this project was scientific, so I decided to draw the muscles of a horse. The process I went through to complete this picture was difficult at times. I had to use different techniques to create the right dark and light shades in the picture. Some of the choices I made on this project were beneficial to enhancing this picture because I only used pencil, so it kept the picture clean, and without to much unnecessary clutter. Other choices that I made in this project were not beneficial. I had created the outline of the horses face too dark that I was unable to erase it, leaving messy marks on places where it was supposed to be clean. For the whole head and neck of the horse, the proportion was off because I didn't take the time to get the size right. The last mistake that I made on this project was the eye, because it turned out much bigger than it should have. 
2. The least successful project that I did was watercolor painting. I found it least successful because I found it difficult to keep the paint from running all over the picture. I also found it hard to shade with darker water colors. I felt like this was dificult because the water color paint was hard to control, and it was hard to create shadows and highlights on objects. With this piece I would have added more highlights to the apple and pepper. I would have also changed the shadow under the food. The colors that I had chosen for the shadows were not dark enough for being right under the apple and pepper. While I was painting the Apple, I didn't keep to using the brush In one direction, so it ended up with a more unrealistic shape and color.
3.I was able to grow in some of these important areas. For the first picture i was able to practice using chalk pastels. I learned how to create highlights in the wrapper, so that it looks transparent. I was able to practice using different shades of blue to create shadows and highlights on the candy. On the second project I was able to practice using different colors of paint to create a more colorful picture. I used different brush strokes to make the picture look like it is flowing, like in the original. For creativity I decided to use different shades of blues for the sky, more colors in the stars, and more shadow in the tree than the original piece. I believed I could creat a moore vibrant piece by adding lights and darks to the whole painting rather than keep it to one darker tone, which I felt that that was how the original picture looked like.                                                      4.The two mini lessons that I felt were the most beneficial for the scientific project were learning the pen and ink techniques such as stippling, cross hatching and invented, and learning to use salt, wax and paper to create different textures to the water color paint . I felt like the instructions given for the pen and ink  lesson were enough to successfully create a piece with these techniques. For the pen and ink techniques it helped to practice using these methods by drawing shapes and, and having to find on that shape or object where the light was hitting it, so that we had to draw around that. With the water color paint techniques that we had learned, I found it   Simpler to construct light, shadow, and texture to my water color projects.           5. My favorite medium to work with was the acrylic paint. I enjoyed how we were able to create our own tones and shades of color for our pieces. It was more colorful and eye catching than othe projects we had done, and it was easy to create light and shadow spots. Because we could mix different colors together to attain the right color needed for that spot.   Though I did find it difficult to match the right color with original pictures, because it just never turned out the same. I decided to just use my own colors for some parts of our acrylic paintings. Like in theSstarry Night project that I did, i had to just create my own colors because I could not mix the right ones to get the original color. Acrylic paint was also easier than the water color to use because it did not run on the paper, and and it wasn't as light colored, I personally enjoy working with darker colors, so I just had a more enjoyable time working with acrylics that the orthe types we use. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Mixed media

In this project I decided to cut out things you would find in a hospital out of different materials, so that they wouldn't all be the same.I do not feel like I gained any new skill from this project because it's mixed media, and you can make it however you want it to look. The issues I found with this project was it was difficult to put many layers on it without the picture looking trashy.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sticky situation

This painting was a little difficult because of the wrinkles and shadows in the pants.In this project we used acrylic and watercolor paints. For this painting I used a picture I found of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe, and I added the other legg and the back ground.