Wednesday, March 26, 2014


In this picture I use oil pastels. I chose oil pastels because that was what we were supposed to use in this picture. I used shading, and contrast in this picture. I enjoyed my experience with this oil pastel picture because of the different colores I used to show where there was shadow and light.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


In this picture I used chalk pastel. I used this medium because we were supposed to use chalk pastels with this assignment.  I used different shades of blue and purple to create the light to dark effect and shadows. I really enjoyed using chalk pastels because it was easy to mix the dark and light colors together


I used colores pincles in this picture, because I was supposed to. I used different shades of purple and red to create shadow in some areas, and different lighter shades to create the light spot. I enjoyed using colores pencils, because it was easy to put in the wrinkle details of the wrapper and the writing on the wrapper.


In this picture I decided to use pencil. I chose to use pencil because it is easier to show details and shadows. Some of my design solutions to the theme scientific were plants, space and body. I found it challenging to come up with an idea for scientific when I also wanted to do something equestrian related. I also enjoyed seeing what others scientific picture choice was.